Tracklist for EXO's Upcoming Album EXODUS!

Tracklist for EXO's upcoming new album

Here is the upcoming tracklist for EXO’s new album (still not sure what the name of it is).

We’re going to classify this tracklist as a rumor however because SM Entertainment has yet to make an announcement.

There are only 10 songs on the list… but that’s probably so they can make room for more songs on a possible repackaged version of the album…

Check out the song list below:

Tracklist for EXO's upcoming new album

EXO’s new album tracklist:

  1. Call Me Baby
  2. Transformer
  3. What If…
  4. My Answer
  6. El Dorado
  7. Playboy
  8. Hurt
  9. Lady Luck
  10. Beautiful

One song missing from the list is “Promise”, so perhaps this isn’t a finalized tracklist. It’s also said that EXO’s “Playboy” was composed by none other than SHINee’s Jonghyun!

Source: OSEN