The K-Pop fandoms unite to help EXO in the MTV EMAs

Despite all of the problems that some crazy EXO fans have caused to other K-Pop fandoms, the K-Pop community is uniting to help EXO win!

Many fandoms, including SNSD’s SONEs, INFINITE’s Inspirits, B.A.P’s BABYs, VIXX’s STARLIGHTs, MBLAQ’s A+, TVXQ’s Cassies, Girl’s Days’ Dai5ys, IU’s U-anas, and B1A4’s BANAs collaborated together to help EXO win the MTV EMA’s “Best Worldwide Act” award.

They’re evening joining together to help EXO become MTV’s most EMAzing stars!

The K-Pop community is amazing, and hopefully with all of the extra help, EXO will win the award and show all of those ignorant western fans just how powerful and popular K-Pop really is.

K-Pop fandoms are uniting to help EXO win the MTV EMAs

I’m honestly surprised that so many fandoms are joining together for this cause. It shows that the K-Pop fandoms can put aside their differences and unite against one common enemy… or in this case, two common enemies.

The K-Pop community really is one of the best music communities in the world, and to thank all of these fandoms for their support, I hope EXOtics will be able to help them out in the future as well.

Credit: WuyifanQT
Credit: WuyifanQT

Voting has officially ended for MTV EMA’s “Best Worldwide Act” award, but the K-Pop community is still working on making sure EXO becomes EMAzing stars. Hopefully EXO wins the “Best Worldwide Act” award. Their chances are amazingly high now that they have so many people backing them up. I’m proud of our community.

INSPIRITS and EXOtics rocks!!! I’m a fan of both. By the way, my twitter username is @INFINITEXOtics follow me ^.^