Tao injured at the ISAC & Jackson comes to his aid

Tao injured at ISAC 2015 Jackson comes to help him

EXO’s Tao just seems to be starting off 2015 terribly. He seems to be succumbing to illness and injury at every corner.

His latest injury comes from the 2015 Idol Star Athletic Championship. He sprained his ankle during one of the events and had to sit at the sidelines where 3 doctors attended to his injury.

GOT7’s Jackson, being the great friend that he is, ran to the medical section of ISAC to grab medicine for Tao.

To thank Jackson, Tao took a gold medal and wrapped it around Jackson’s neck. Tao then hugged him while crying.

Tao injured at ISAC 2015 Jackson comes to help him

What’s even more terrible about today is that Jackson ended up spraining his ankle too. Someone had to carry Jackson on their back and JB and Jinyoung helped escort him.

This is exactly why fans are scared of the Idol Star Athletic Championship.

There are always injuries. Heck, Tao was injured at the ISAC before as well. Poor guy can never just have a safe day at this type of event.

We wish Tao and Jackson a speedy recovery and that the rest of the idols participating stay safe and injury-free as well.

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