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Rumor NCT 127 to comeback in November

[Rumor] NCT 127 to make a comeback in mid-November!

Rumor has it that NCT 127 is set to make a comeback next November! The rumor source is...

NCT 127 collaborate with Coca-Cola for SM STATION

NCT 127 collaborates with Coca-Cola for SM STATION!

NCT 127 is about to release a new song called "Taste the Feeling" for SM STATION! This song...

NCT 127 debuts with Fire Truck music video

NCT 127 debuts with “Fire Truck” music video!

NCT 127 has finally made their debut with Fire Truck after an unfortunate (slight) delay. Their title track...

NCT 127 to release debut mini-album on July 10th!

NCT 127 will be releasing a debut mini-album on July 10th! Well, at least the digital version of...

NCT 127 to make a debut on July 7th

New unit NCT 127 to debut on July 7th!

Yay! We're about to see a brand new NCT unit! The new unit will be called NCT 127...