Taeyong teases an upcoming project on SM Station!

NCT Taeyong teases a SM Station MV on Instagram

NCT’s Taeyong went live on SM Station’s Instagram today to tease a new project he’s filming.

He starts off the video greeting his fans and saying,

“Surprise! Hello to the world. This is NCT. I am NCT 127’s Taeyong. *Claps hands*. Hello, I am currently filming…”

And the video cuts off.

It goes back on with him saying,

“You’re all very curious right? You will be curious too when…”

And the video cuts off again.

He’s such a tease.

We’re very, very excited to see what he and SM Station has in store for us.

Hopefully he’ll get a solo track on SM Station.

You can check out his teaser video below: