T-ARA's Soyeon gets bashed by EXO-L for liking Kai's photo

T-ARA's Soyeon gets bashed for liking EXO-K Kai's photo 2

So T-ARA’s Soyeon accidentally liked a picture of EXO-K’s Kai on Instagram, and not too long after that, immature EXO-L members started bashing her.

Lovely. /sarcasm

She quickly unliked the photo and issued an apology to all of EXO-L for liking Kai’s picture…

Well that’s kind of her…except she shouldn’t be the one apologizing. Those immature EXO-L fans should.

T-ARA's Soyeon gets bashed for liking EXO-K Kai's photo 2

There’s no reason to be jealous of T-ARA Soyeon. She has a boyfriend, so you can trust that she isn’t going after Kai.

T-ARA's Soyeon gets bashed for liking EXO-K Kai's photo

Second, how does it look to Kai that all of these EXO-L fans are just going into a crazy rampage over something so silly?

Shouldn’t these fans be on their best behavior if they have any hopes of being noticed by him?

Calling Soyeon names and saying things like she should “go to hell” or “commit suicide” definitely won’t make these fans more appealing to anyone. It just makes them look stupid.

It’s really kind of Soyeon to apologize for something she absolutely has no reason to be sorry for.

T-ARA's Soyeon gets bashed for liking EXO-K Kai's photo 1

We’re really sorry to Soyeon for having to deal with the dark side of the EXO-L fanbase. We promise that not all of us are crazy.

Source: OneHallyu

There are a lot of immature exo-l… I wish they will think before doing some nonsense things..

They should be the one who apologize to Soyeon unnie..

If I were Soyeon I really wouldn’t give a damn. I won’t apologize just cause I liked a photo on IG. They need to grow up or better yet go talk to a Psychologist cause clearly they need help.

Agh so frustrating >< What is wrong with their brains??? Really…their parents should take them to a psychiatrist…I can't believe how immature and cracked they are!!

i love exo i hate their fanclub. i also think exo felt creeped by their fans they don’t interact with them a lot :p

Hey, hey, hey! Don’t just start bashing someone who didn’t do anything wrong! -_- It’s not like you own someone and put a nametag them as “MINE”!What is UP with Exo-L right now???!!! And facepalm, facepalm, facepalm….. I’m serious

i wish alot of EXO-L read this and know that how immature they are. tpo obsess over something/someone is a disease.

Just wow… Immature EXO-L’s… I wish some EXO-L’s should just grow up and stop bashing people….. And Kai has instagram?!

Wow just wow! Those immature exo-l -_- they should be the one who apologize not Soyeon she did nothing wrong! -_-