SM Entertainment says EXO comeback is "Still up in the air"

SM Entertainment quickly responded to the Daum news report, as well as other reports that said EXO may be having a comeback in November.

The company says that EXO’s comeback “has not been confimed, and that EXO’s comeback is still up in the air.”

So there you have it…

I’m sure it’s a bittersweet feeling to all of us. We were all excited that EXO would be releasing new material, but a bit torn because it seemed like SM Entertainment were working these boys to the bone.

SM Entertainment says EXO comeback is Still up in the air

But SM Entertainment didn’t exactly deny that EXO would be having a comeback later on this year… they just said that the comeback hasn’t been confirmed… Meaning we could still be looking at a November comeback, or if need be, SM Entertainment could push back EXO’s comeback to December or even early next year.

But if Daum, Sports Donga, and other news agencies are correct, SM Entertainment will want to push for a November comeback just so EXO can become “Million-seller Idols”.

Newsen states that EXO has been rising rapidly to the top, and they’re anticipated to be this year’s best Kpop group.

Source: EXOK-Trans