SM Entertainment releases episode 2 of EXO's drama music video!

After having fans wait in agony for over a month, SM Entertainment has finally released episode 2 of EXO’s drama music video. Before, the music video was dubbed “Wolf ~Drama version~”, but after delaying and delaying the music video, SM Entertainment decided to just rename the music video to something generic and timeless.

EXO’s drama music video starts off with all of the members injured and bandaged up. The members go to see how D.O’s doing after Luhan unintentionally injured him. Luhan had to watch from the guidelines out of shame. Fast forward, Luhan is limping away after his crush (who apparently is Kris’s sister?) spots him.

Succumbing to his wounds, he falls down unconscious. She brings him back to her apartment where she heals him. As soon as Luhan’s all better, he leaves her place… but talk about wrong timing because he runs into Kai (who is very unpleased to see him).

SM Entertainment releases episode 2 of EXO's drama music video

Kai roughs him up a bit and while the two are going at it, a rival gang member spots them. He reports back to his headquarters, and the gang devises a plan to kidnap Kris’s sister in order to draw Luhan out. It works, Luhan tries to go all Teen Wolf on the gang members, but is hopelessly outnumbered. Luckily for Luhan, Kris’s sister’s phone somehow magically butt-dials Kai (first of all, why does she still have her phone and why is she holding it, and why are they letting her hold it? I don’t know.).

Kai comes in with all of the other EXO members to save Luhan and Kris’s sister. The fight scenes in this episode were a lot better IMO compared to the 1st episode, and it was very nice to see Tao show off all of his moves.

Luhan goes in to save Kris’s sister, but he accidentally lets his wolf mark show. He freezes at a crucial moment and the gang members jump at the opportunity to take him down. Apparently he like died or something? But that’s okay because Kris’s sister’s tears fell onto Luhan’s mark and revived him.

Now you would think that this would be the end of the drama version, but no. SM Entertainment leaves us with a cliffhanger. Kris, who also bears the mark of the wolf, senses that Luhan was in his sister’s bed, and he gets very, very upset. He lets out a growl and we’re left to wait for the next episode of the drama…. which will unfortunately probably come out next month.

Check out the 2nd episode of EXO’s drama music video below!

EXO – Drama music video episode 2 (Korean version)

EXO – Drama music video episode 2 (Chinese version)