SK LTE Dance Battle #1 ft. EXO's Chen, Kai, Tao, and Chanyeol

SK Telecom’s Dance Battle event between EXO has started!

The first round of the competition is between EXO’s Kai, Chanyeol, Tao, and Chen!

The boys all danced to a cute SK Telecom song, trying to woo the hearts of viewers.

Now you should note that this song isn’t about how skilled each  member is as a dancer, but how cute of a dance they can do. It’s all freestyle.

That means that both Chanyeol and Chen still have a chance against the more excelled dancers like Tao and Kai.

All 4 members did their best cute dance for their fans, hoping to come out as #1 from the group.

Currently the rankings have one person miles ahead of the rest.

  • Dancing machine Chen is currently standing at 1st place with 62% of all the votes. He has over 2,100 votes at the moment.
  • In second place is Kai with 700 votes, counting for about 20% of all the votes.
  • Third place is Chanyeol at 9% with 330 of all the votes, and
  • Last place is Tao at 9% with only 308 of the votes. He’s catching up to Chanyeol though!

Chen did have one of the more cute dances. His dance was like a combination of both “Growl”‘s choreography and SK’s Noot choreography. He is going to be the clear winner of this round.

Voting ends on October 25th, so there’s still a chance that the other 3 members might overthrow Chen, but at the moment it seems unlikely.

On October 26th, the 2nd round will take place between Sehun, Kris, Xiumin, and Baekhyun.

On October 29th, the 3rd round will take place between D.O, Suho, Luhan, and Lay.

Check out Dance Battle #1, and place your votes through this link here!