Sasaeng fan apologizes for leaking EXO's private conversation

The sasaeng fan that recorded and leaked an audio clip of EXO’s private conversation with their friend has apologized.

She went into vivid detail about how to entire event went down, and from the way she sounds, it looks like she might be a bit unstable.

The netizen claims that she’s a rookie named “BJ“.  She used the League of Legends nickname “Hi Bboom” to enter their private chatroom.

The EXO members told the netizen in the in-game chat, “Enter Hi Bboom 1212“, and she was able to enter the private game using the password “1212”.

Sasaeng fan apologizes for leaking audio of EXO's private conversation

After a while, the members stopped chatting in-game, so the netizen assumed (correctly) that the members were using a voice chat system.

She logged onto “TalkOn“, a VOIP app as well as Team Voice and began searching around for a room with the name “Hi Bboom” in hopes of finding the EXO member’s private chat.

After finding the room, she entered the same password she used to enter the game, and voila, she gained access to EXO’s private conversation with their friend. She proceeded to record the entire conversation with her cellphone.

She said that she deleted most of the parts of the audio recording because they were unimportant. That, and, during one part of the recording, Sehun revealed EXO’s current dorm address (well at least she was nice enough to omit that part).

She released these statements in her official apology:

“While observing the members “League of Legends” activities, I hacked into their chat room. Sehun and Baekhyun are my favorite celebrities. My fingers were trembling and my heart raced while I was recording them. I cut out all the unimportant parts (in the audio file), and some other parts including when Sehun said his current living address. I think I was so irritated in teh beginning that I wrote those messages. After seeing all of the news articles, I realized the situation I was in too late. I am writing this now in the belief that I should apologize, even though it’s already too late. I bow my head in apology. I will see them now on through broadcasts. Please give a lot of love to the xxx fan club”.

Well there you have it, the mind of a sasaeng fan. Isn’t it scary?

SM Entertainment has already removed the audio files from Instiz, so that should help stall this scandal. However, it seems that there may be more than one leaker in this situation… so who knows? There might be a chance that more audio files will leak soon.

Unfortunately, like the sasaeng fan stated, it’s already too late to apologize. The damage has been done, and even more damage is being dealt, especially surrounding Sehun, which I will reveal in the next post.