Psycho EXO fan carves "I Love EXO" on her arm

Okay, so there are some crazy EXO fans, but this girl takes the freaking cake.

A recent picture has been making its way around the internet and it has netizens both infuriated and in shock.

A girl carved “I <3 EXO” on her arm and uploaded the picture onto her SNS account. Seriously. Self-mutilation as a sign of affection? She seriously needs to be sent to a mental institution or something.

Psycho EXO fan carves I love EXO onto her arm 1

This most certainly does not help the case of netizens viewing EXO’s fanbase as the worst fanbase since the days of TVXQ. I really, sincerely hope that this girl does not get a chance to show this to any of the EXO members because it’s horrifying.

Perhaps there needs to be like some sort of special EXO rehabilitation facility set up for fans with this amount of crazy in them.

Psycho EXO fan carves I love EXO onto her arm

I’m an EXO fan myself, but my God this has crossed the line several times over.

Deep deep down, I really hope that this girl is lying and that isn’t really blood we’re seeing, but red paint.

Well this ruined a better part of my day, so I’m going to find some nice things to write about EXO now.

Source: 24-7Kpop

Why must they do like that ? Did that really fun do like that, hurting your self , did thay not scare of hell or what ? Did thay think if they do like that , exo will proud with they ? Dont make me laught , before u love sameone else , u must learn how to love your self .