NCT 127 LimitlessCD folded poster extra gift photocard set

NCT 127 – Limitless – CD + Folded Poster + Photocard Set

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NCT 127’s 2nd mini-album, featuring additional members Doyoung and Johnny!

This is the CD + Folded Poster + Photocard Set version. Check out our store for the CD Only Version, and the CD + Poster in Tube versions!

This edition is for the collectors. I’m not a fan of folded posters, but the photocard set is really, really appealing.

Orders here will count towards Hanteo and GaON music charts!

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1. 無限的我 (무한적아; LIMITLESS)
2. Good Thing
3. Back 2 U (AM 01:27)
4. 롤러코스터 (Heartbreaker)
5. Baby Don’t Like It (나쁜 짓)
6. Angel