Lay tells Charts-Jie that EXO will have a comeback in March!

Lay says exo comeback in march through concert

EXO’s Lay told Charts-Jie from Billboard that EXO will be having their comeback in March through their 2nd solo concert tour!

But of course, we should still wait for SM Entertainment to officially confirm things first…

We’re still very excited though. We wonder how their 2nd full album will fit the EXO’luXion theme.

Hopefully EXO will have another chart-domination on their hands.

Lay says exo comeback in march through concert

EXO has been working diligently on their comeback, among all of their other activities.

At first, it was speculated that EXO would be coming back in January, but SM quickly denied those rumors and gave vague details on when EXO will return.

While we are glad that we’ll be seeing the boys in just one month, we’re a bit worried for multiple reasons.

Mainly, the members have been pretty sick and tired lately.

Tao was just recently injured at the Idol Star Athletic Championship. Heck, we’re not sure why he was even there when he has been going back and forth to the emergency room.

We love seeing the boys back on music shows, and yay! A comeback means more variety show appearances from EXO, but we would also love for them to have a real break to recover.

We hope the boys are gonna be alright in March.

We’re sure the EXO-L in South Korea will be supporting the boys’ comeback as much as they can. They’ll be supplying them with food, coffee, and more.

And we’ll be helping out by breaking out our wallets and purchasing a copy (or copies) of EXO’s new album.

Are you excited for March?

Source: DailyEXO