Kai's Noona's cafe "Kamong Espresso" is now open!

EXO-K Kai’s older sister has just opened up a new cafe called Kamong Espresso!

The cafe is located near Gangnam and Seoul University.

As promised, customers can purchase delicious, sweetened coffee alongside fresh baked desserts.

Everything’s looking really good.

EXO Kai's Noona's Kamong Espresso is now open 1


The main desserts offered at Kamong Espresso are waffles, cookies, and muffins.

All are freshly made and from appearances, it looks like they come with a dollop of whipped cream on the side as well (mainly for decorations).

We hope that Kai’s sister sees great success with her new business.

It’s in a phenomenal spot too. Seoul University students can get their caffeine fix on the go as well as a dessert to satiate their sweet tooth.

If you’re in South Korea, or are planning on going their for summer vacation, be sure to stop on by and support EXO-K Kai’s sister!

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