Fuse names EXO as one of the 18 breakthrough artists of 2014

FuseTV has just named EXO as one of its 18 breakthrough artists of 2014!

What’s even more phenomenal about this is that EXO is the only K-Pop act to make it onto the list, showcasing just how powerful and globally recognized they have become.

FuseTV cited many of the accomplishments EXO made this year, including them being the only Korean artists to sell over a million copies of their album in over 12 years and their “Growl” music video being the 3rd most-watched K-Pop YouTube video after Psy and Girls’ Generation’s videos.

Congratulations to EXO for making it onto the list! Hopefully this will draw more American fans their way.

EXO 2014 calendar

As of right now, EXO has split back into their respective sub-units, EXO-K and EXO-M, so that they can simultaneously promote in Korea and China again.

The boys are working hard at building up their popularity and meeting their fans all-around.

Rumor has it that the boys will also be making a comeback sometime in the next couple of months, so we’ll have a lot to look forward to soon! Perhaps even more international articles will be written about them.

Source: FuseTV