Fans go all out for EXO Lay's upcoming birthday!

So with all of the sasaeng troubles that have been surrounding EXO lately, let’s take a moment and remember that there are some amazing EXO fans out there as well! And also!!

EXO Lay’s birthday is next Monday, October 7th!

Lay’s fans from all around the world have been working together to make sure he has a great 22nd (23rd in Korea) birthday!


Lays fans in Japan, “Lays_rays“, teamed up together and named a star after Lay! They chose the star from the constellation Monoceros (which is Greek for Unicorn) and named it “EXO Lay“. Isn’t that so thoughtful and adorable?


Also, several of Lays fanbases, including Waixing (Chinese)Layixingworld (International)Lays_rays (Japanese)Yixing Indonesia (self-explanatory)EXO.LAY.MAMA (Thailand), and Lay Chile (again, self-explanatory), are teaming up together to collect charity donations.

They feel that one of the greatest gifts they can give Lay is a charity donation in his name! To quote fromWaixing’s website,

“Being able to share what we have gathered and make others feel the same kind of happiness we feel whenever we see Yixing’s sweetest smile would be the greatest gift we could give Yixing don’t you think? With this charity donation project, we will surely make Yixing extremely happy knowing that his fans are working together in order to do something good for other people.

As a birthday present for Yixing, all the money gathered will be donated under his name to our chosen organization. We believe that it is the best way to thank him for being so genuine to others. It will surely be very rewarding for him to know that with his name, greater things can come to place just like this one.”

Their goal is to reach $2000 in donations, but considering how many fans are in each of these fanbases, they may greatly surpass their goal.

Fans-go-all-out-for-EXO-Lays-birthday (1)

Lay’s fans in China also established a charity foundation in his name! They plan on using their donation money to build music studios, libraries, hope projects and many other things in Lay’s name! Those projects will be set in motion around Lay’s birthday.

Lay’s fans have also purchased truck ads, huge purple balloons, banners, and more to celebrate Lay’s birthday! The balloons are placed beautifully across bridges and in other public places. Lays fans placed yellow flags all around that say, “LAY MY LUV ON YOU”. They purchased banners and were waving them around on the streets. The trucks these fans rented feature placards with pictures of Lay on them that match the overall theme of the ads. These fans just went above and beyond.


Last, but most definitely not least, fans are sending a huge amount of birthday cards and presents over to Lay! The birthday cards will contain short messages, either in Korean, Chinese, or English. If the messages are written in Korean or English, Waixing will translate them to Chinese for Lay!

These fans are beyond amazing, and I’m sure Lay will be moved. It goes to show that not all of EXO fans are crazy sasaengs. There are a WHOLE BUNCH of fans who are perfectly normal, if not awesome! And they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Source: SMent.EXOYifanologyWaixing