EXO's Xiumin spotted filming for Nell's MV for "Love"

EXO’s Xiumin was spotted today on the set of Nell’s music video for “Love“. It looks like SM Entertainment and Woollim Label are already working on collaborations together.

Xiumin looked very charming, wearing both a suit as well as casual attire on set.

He was teamed up with actress Kim Yoo Jung to film for Nell’s music video. The combination is a bit strange considering Kim Yoo Jung is 9 years younger than Xiumin, but considering how young Xiumin looks, fans are very receptive to the pairing.

EXO's Xiumin spotted filming for Nell's new music video

Filming began today and it looks like all is going well. In one of the photos, Kim Yoo Jung is feeling Xiumin’s face (calm down fangirls) while looking down on at a fixed point in the floor. It makes me wonder if she’s playing a blind girl in this MV (following the whole love is blind cliche).

I’m very excited to see how this music video turns out. Kim Yoo Jung’s agency promises to have it uploaded as soon as possible.

Kim Yoo Jung looks pretty and Xiumin looks absolutely dashing in a suit. I’m so glad he’s getting all of these new gigs (like that special MC gig he got at Music Bank). Xiumin is considered one of the most underrated members in EXO, so it’s nice to see him getting some of the spotlight onto himself.

EXO's Xiumin spotted filming for Nell's new music video 1

Image Credit: Tellmethat-helovesme