EXO's Xiumin accidentally scores for the other team on ISAC

At the Idol Star Athletics Championship, EXO’s Xiumin accidentally scored for the other team during the show’s futsal event.

According to Naver, Xiumin was trying to block an opponent from scoring, but the ball ended up hitting Xiumin’s body and rolling into Team B’s goal. Xiumin was mortified by his mistake. He apologized to Tasty’s SoRyong, Idol Team B’s goalie, and tried his best to make up for the error.

Unfortunately in the end, Idol Team B lost in futsal (not entirely Xiumin’s fault however).

EXO's Xiumin accidentally scores against his own team at ISAC

Idol Team B (composed of EXO, Tasty, and INFINITE members) went up against Idol Team D (composed of Beast, BTOB, and B.A.P members) during the futsal games.

Congrats to Idol Team D for their win, and hopefully Xiumin doesn’t beat himself up too much for his mistake. After all, the Idol Star Athletic Championships is all just fun and games. In related news, we hear EXO’s Kris earned a gold medal during the Archery portion of the games!

Source: Naver