EXO's Lay is proud of his fans' charity "Yixing's Fans Love Foundation"

EXO’s Lay recently expressed how proud he is of his fans’ charity work. He recently got wind of one of his fan’s (XingPark) charity effort.

XingPark posted on his/her Weibo account saying that the Mango V Foundation helped support Lay’s fans by helping them create the first fan-established charity foundation.

The foundation is called “Yixing’s Fans Love Foundation“, and the first 10,000 Chinese Yuan will be donated to help build music studios, libraries, hope projects and many other things. All of these projects will be in construction around Lay’s birthday (around October 7th).

EXO's Lay compliments his fans' for their charity efforts

The foundation is still open and receiving lots of donations from Lay’s fans! It must be very exciting for Lay to know that soon, there will be many projects being built in his name.

Lay re-shared XingPark’s post on his Weibo account alongside two smiley faces and the word “Proud!”.

This is an amazing feat from Lay’s fans, and pretty much EXO fans in general. We hope that this charity prospers and does great things in the future.

EXO's Lay compliments his fans' for their charity efforts 1


Source: SMEnt.EXO

Translated by [email protected]