EXO's Kris to walk the runway during Seoul Fashion Week!

According to a model, EXO’s Kris will be walking the runway on March 21st at Seoul Fashion Week!

The model said that she saw Kris during rehearsals.

This is so exciting! A while back, Kris and Chanyeol were supposed to walk the runway at SBS’s Super Model Contest, however both of them had to drop out due to their exhaustion.

We’re glad that at least Kris will be modeling again.

EXO's Kris to walk the runway during Seoul Fashion Week

We’re going to classify this as a rumor still because we only have one confirmation, but we have a good feeling about this.

Kris will look dashing and handsome with his prince-like good looks and tall stature.

He already has some great fashion sense, so we’re sure he’ll do an awesome job.

Stay tuned for Seoul Fashion Week on March 21st — 4 days from now.

We wonder whose designs he’ll be modeling.

Fan girls don’t be jealous that he’ll be surrounded by a bunch of supermodels.

Source: DoucheZhang