EXO's Kris passes 1 million followers in Instagram! Luhan makes up a new catchphrase

EXO’s Kris has already surpassed 1 million followers on Instagram, despite only having joined the social media network less than a month ago!

He’s sitting comfortably at 1.02 million followers right now.

EXO’s Luhan is catching up, sitting at 783k followers. Chanyeol is in 3rd with 449k followers, Xiumin is in 4th with 407k followers, and Sehun is last because… well he put his account on private.

The popularity of EXO is really impressive. Many other K-Pop idols struggle to even get past half a million followers on Instagram, but these guys do so with ease.

EXO's Kris surpasses 1 million followers Luhan makes up a new catchphrase

In other news, it looks like Sehun isn’t the only member coining new phrases (yehet! ohorat!).

Luhan commented on Kris’s latest Instagram picture saying, “Yo yo yo man“, and immediately the EXO fanbase teased him for it.

They all followed suit commenting on Kris’s picture with “Yo yo yo man”, and they even went onto Luhan’s older pictures and left the same comment.

Look at these guys starting new trends every time they speak.

I would also like to mention how very well these guys are dressed.

Even walking around casually in LA, the boys of EXO are wearing high-class designer clothing, including clothes from Givenchy and $19,000 luxury watches from Audemars Piguet.

Being an EXO member sure is lucrative. That, and it looks like the rumors saying the Chinese line of EXO are filthy rich are true.

We’re glad that the EXO members are on Instagram. Even one small update from them gives everyone such joy.

The other members need to hurry up and join Instagram already!