EXO's Kris has joined Instagram! Follow him now!

EXO’s Kris has just created an Instagram account!

It’s really him because he posted his information onto his official Weibo account.

After only 30 minutes of his Instagram account being up, Kris has already accumulated over 50,000 followers (and that number is rapidly rising)!

He posted his first picture and included the message, “Welcome to the Galaxy“.

EXO's Kris joins Instagram

We’re glad that Kris jumped onto the Instagram bandwagon!

We hope to see some funny and awesome interactions between him and Amber. We’re sure Amber will be welcoming him onto the social media platform soon.

I’m glad that we have another social media portal to follow EXO with.

Weibo is nice and all, but a lot of us international fans without Weibo accounts are left out of the loop.

At least now we can keep more up-to-date with EXO and their daily shenanigans.

So far Kris has only followed 6 people on Instagram, one of them being his best friend Kevin Shin.

We hope that the other EXO members follow Kris’s lead and make their own Instagram accounts too.

Until then, let’s all turn on our phones and follow Kris right now at Galaxy_FanFan.