EXO's first Korean Variety Show appearance will be Weekly Idol!

The first Korean Variety Show that EXO is set to appear on is Weekly Idol. All 12 members will soon be recording for the popular MBC variety show most likely within the next week or so. Earlier yesterday, the group promised that this time around, they will not only be promoting their latest hit track on music shows, but on a lot of variety show as well, much to the excitement of their many many fans.

EXO first Korean Variety Show appearance will be Weekly Idol

Weekly Idol’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet saying, “The emergency good news for fangirls all over the world will be coming to ‘Weekly Idol’. Give the variety rookie EXOs warm support since they’ll be experiencing a new world of the 3rd basement floor variety~ We’ll make it fun.”

For those of you who don’t know, Weekly Idol is a variety show that’s hosted by comedian Jeong Hyeong Don and rapper Defconn. There are also episodes where celebrity guest hosts take part in the recording.

The show has several parts that take place during their “Idol of the Week” segment:

  • Random Play Dance: The staff members play songs that are being promoted by the guest idols. The idols have to dance the proper choreography to the songs. At random points, the song can stop or a new song can be played. When the song changes, the idols have to quickly start performing the dance routine of the new song.
  • Profile Verification: The staff of the show prepare profile cards containing facts and rumors of the guest idols. The idols have to verify or prove these facts in front of the MCs.
  • Win Against Idol: In this part, the idols go up against the MCs in a special game. The winning side will receive a special prize while the losing side receives physical punishment from the winners.
  • Grill Idol: The idols must answer questions shown on the panel. When an idol guesses the right answer, they can eat the grilled Hanwoo beef prepared by the staff.

The show is very entertaining and it gives fans an opportunity to see their favorite idols, or in this situation, Kpop Rookies, in a casual and easy-going light. We’re not sure when EXO’s segment will air on TV, but I’m hoping for June 12th, 2013. However, chances of that happening are slim, especially considering that EXO will be appearing on Arirang’s After School Club that same day.

Source: AllKpop