EXO's first full-album XOXO sells over 70,000 more copies within 3 days

Within only a few days, EXO’s first full-album, XOXO, has managed to claim 71,910 more sales. An impressive figure considering even before the album was released on June 3rd, it managed to rake up over 300,000 in pre-orders.

The album sales specifically for today totaled 19,947 copies, with the Kiss version of the album selling 9020 copies and the Hug version selling 10,927. We can expect those sales to remain steady and even skyrocket as soon as EXO begins their variety show appearances as well as other promotional activity.

EXO XOXO sells 70k more copies within 3 days

Here’s a picture of many fan girls lining up to purchase the newly released album. An impressive number for a Kpop Rookie group, but that’s the power of both intense marketing as well as S.M Entertainment’s power.

Credit to An absolute URL: Suhoshi
Credit to Suhoshi

Here’s the real-time chart results that EXO’s XOXO has already achieved:

  • #1 on Bugs Music
  • #1 on Olleh
  • #1 on Soribada
  • #1 on Naver
  • #1 on Daum
  • #3 on Mnet
  • #3 on Melon
  • iTunes Album Charts:
    • #1 Indonesia
    • #1 Phillippines
    • #1 Singapore
    • #1 Thailand
    • #2 Hong Kong
    • #2 Japan
    • #4 Malaysia
    • #5 Finland
    • #6 Vietnam
    • #8 Taiwan
    • #18 Denmark
    • #23 Sweden
    • #29 Canada
    • #32 United States
    • #36 Russia
    • #48 Australia
    • #81 France
    • #81 Netherlands
    • #123 Austria
    • #186 New Zealand
    • #219 United Kingdom
    • #244 Germany

These are great achievements for their first full-album. I am a bit surprised that they aren’t ranked #1 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and even more shocked at how low they’re ranked in the United Kingdom, but as their popularity soars, I’m sure they’ll be able to change those figures.

Have you purchased the album? How do you like it so far? Personally, I think the entire album is impressive. I have most of the songs on repeat, even Wolf, which I was very skeptical about at the beginning.