EXO's D.O grabs his first acting role in the movie "Cart"

EXO’s D.O will be the 1st member of EXO to officially debut as an actor!

We know that Chanyeol and Sehun already got a taste of the acting spotlight when they made their cameo on “Royal Villa“, and we know that Suho had a voice acting gig for the movie “Saving Santa“, but D.O will legitimately be making his debut on the silver screen.

D.O has been signed on to star in an upcoming movie called “Cart“.

He will be playing the son of actress Yeom Jungah, whose character is the main protagonist of the movie. In “Cart”, Yeom Jungah is a single mother who has just been laid off from her job at a megastore where she was a contract worker. She has to find a way to support her family while also dealing with unemployment.

EXO's to make his acting debut in the movie Cart

The movie will be directed by Boo Jiyoung and produced by Myung Pilleum. It has been confirmed that actress Moon Junghee will also be starring in this movie.

A representative for “Cart” told Naver,

“Idols-turned-actors are making a spot for themselves in the drama and movie-world quickly. As EXO has recently shown their quick growth, the competition to cast them has become that much more fierce. D.O is the starting point.’

Filming for “Cart” will officially begin in December. Balancing his acting schedule with EXO’s upcoming comeback schedule will be a difficult task. I hope D.O can handle it. I’m glad that D.O got his first acting gig! I’m sure the other members are both jealous and happy for him. I hope to see their reactions to the news on EXO’s Showtime!

It’s also good to hear that EXO is such a hot commodity in the acting world right now. I hope to see more members get some acting gigs soon.

Source: Naver News via EXO-K Translations