EXO's comeback title song 중독(Overdose) to be released on April 15th!

EXO’s comeback title track has been revealed!

Their new song will be called 중독 (Overdose).

The title sounds a little bit morbid, but we’re excited for this concept!

Unfortunately, fans are a bit disappointed that the song was produced by The Underdogs and Kenzie.

Kenzie was the composer for EXO’s Wolf and The Underdogs was the composer for SNSD’sMr. Mr.

EXO's comeback track to be called 중독 Overdose

While I did like both Wolf and Mr. Mr., I too felt like they were both underwhelming for title tracks.

But maybe with Kenzie and The Underdogs working together, they’ll be able to produce a top-tier hit like Growl…? Let us pray.

중독(Overdose) will be released digitally on April 15th, just like how the Miracles in December title track was released digitally before the actual album .

Perhaps this will be a trend with SM Entertainment, in order for them to wrack up digital points as well as physical points for EXO.

We’re excited though. And I’m sure fans won’t mind spending 69 cents on the digital copy of the song, as well as 20-ish dollars on the physical album.

We’ll just think of it as like.. an extra tax.

Stay tuned for EXO’s comeback showcase next week, where they’ll be showing their magical performance of 중독 (Overdose), as well as giving us a taste of some of their other album tracks.