EXO's 2nd solo concert – EXO Planet #2 – The EXO'luXion tour dates

EXO Planet 2 EXO'luXion secnod solo concert

EXO’s second solo concert tour has just been revealed!

It will follow the same EXO Planet theme as last year, but instead of “The Lost Planet”, it’ll be called “EXO’luXion”.

It stands for EXO Revolution.

The boys will be holding 4 concerts in Seoul beginning in March.

Afterwards, they will branch out in other Asian countries.

EXO Planet 2 EXO'luXion secnod solo concert

Here is the list of the EXO Planet #2 – EXO’luXion tour dates in Seoul:

  • March 7th – 6:00PM KST
  • March 8th – 4:00PM KST
  • March 9th – 6:00PM KST
  • March 10th – 4:00PM KST

The concerts will be held at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

How very exciting! Their next solo concerts are coming up soon!

So that means within a month, we should expect a comeback from EXO. They have to have some new material to perform at their second solo concerts.

But this does raise some worries.

We all know how exhausted the members are… and they’ve barely had any time to rest and relax.

With a comeback looming and another solo concert following soon after, we’re worried that these boys may have too much on their plates.

Source: Kor_celebrities