EXO wins their 1st Triple Crown on Inkigayo!

EXO has finally achieved their 1st Triple Crown compliments of Inkigayo! The boys had already compiled a total of 10 wins with Growl, and their 11th win is a very special one. The boys went up against Bumkey and Seungri again for the win, but the boys came out on top, much to the excitement and satisfaction of their fans.

The boys won by a whopping 3000 points! Bumkey came out with 6094 points, Seungri came out with 6396 points, and EXO came out with 9,313 points!! It looks like EXO’s loyal fans were working extra hard to make sure their boys won tonight. A few of the members, including Kai, were shedding tears over their win.

EXO wins their 1st Triple Crown on Inkigayo!

The boys were supposed to achieve their 1st Triple Crown from Music Bank, but unfortunately they lost by 100 points to Crayon Pop. It’s alright though, because their win tonight made up for everything and the boys were absolutely thrilled.

EXO should be ending their promotions for Growl within this month, so tonight’s Triple Crown shall send them off with much more ease.

Congratulations to EXO for their very 1st Triple Crown!