EXO will hold their first solo concert in the Philippines!

It has been confirmed that EXO will be holding a solo concert in the Philippines sometime next year!

The news comes from the staff of KPOP Republic itself, the concert event in the Phillipines that brings many K-pop acts to the country.

There isn’t an official date for the concert yet, but it will be announced on January 18th, 2014. All we know is that the concert will be held on a Saturday, which is perfect!

The concert will be relatively small, with only around 4000+ tickets being sold.

EXO to hold their first official solo concert in the Phillipines

There aren’t any general seating tickets, only VIP Gold tickets and SVIP tickets.

VIP Gold tickets will cost around P4k, while SVIP tickets will cost P7.5k.

The concert will be a combination of events. There will be the actual concert, a fanmeeting right afterwards, and finally a fansigning event where concert attendees can meet and greet the members of EXO!

Tickets will be sold both at ticket outlets and online, with one pre-selling event occurring a week before the tickets actually go on-sale for the public.

So why would you get a SVIP ticket instead of just a VIP Gold ticket (other than the amazing seats)? Because the fansign event will be on a first come, first serve basis, and SVIPs will be at the front of the line.

This will be EXO’s first Solo concert, and of course it’ll be loads of fun. I would love to see their setlist.

Source: SMent.EXO


Sana po totoo to…
Tas kng totoo man to Saan mkakabli ng VIP ticket or SVIP ticket Online?
At kailan pwedeng bumili ng ticket:-)

Aq iba itatanong q a? anung araw dating nila at what time? d afford ang ticket e kya airport nlang muna xD

waaaaaah!!! sana sa 2015 pa !!! para maka ipon ako sa SVIP TICKETS huhuhuh , bakit ngaun ko lng kasi to nalaman ehhhhh!!!!!

[!!] Hindi pa po sure kung kelan TALAGA ang EXO #TLPinManila … Mas maganda po kung mas matagal pa para makapag ipon kayo.

YEHEY!! I’ll do my best to save money so that I could watch my idols’ concert!..it’s really hard if you don’t have money 🙁

Is this true? O________________O I wish the concert will be held this VACATION. Fudge. I BADLY WANT TO GO TO THAT CONCERT 🙁 I wish it will be this VACATION Please 🙁