EXO, VIXX, and B.A.P win Bonsangs at the Seoul Music Awards

Congratulations to EXO, VIXX and B.A.P!

All three rookie groups took home a Bonsang award from the 23rd annual Seoul Music Awards tonight!

The bonsang award is one of the main awards of the night and it’s given to the top 10 artists with the best physical/digital album sales!

So it’s no surprise that these three groups were included onto the list.

EXO VIXX BAP win Bonsang awards at Seoul Music Awards


All three groups looked so chic and adorable accepting their awards, but completely turned charismatic and fierce when it came time for their performances.

EXO performed a remix of their songs “Let Out The Beast, Wolf, and Growl“.

VIXX performed their 2013 hit song “Hyde” and B.A.P performed their latest song “One Shot“.

They all put on great performances for the night, showing everyone why they deserve to win their awards.

You can check out all three groups acceptance speeches below as well as their performances.

EXO – Acceptance Speech

EXO – Let Out The Beast + Wolf  + Growl

VIXX – Acceptance Speech

VIXX – Hyde

B.A.P – Acceptance Speech

B.A.P – One Shot