EXO turns Beliebers and Directioners into fans

So in a strange turn of event, this whole war between EXOtics, Beliebers, and Directioners is actually working out really well for EXO!

Yes, there are some ignorant, racist people attacking EXO, but ironically, there are also a lot of Beliebers and Directioners converting into EXOtics.

Some fans are saying that the boys of EXO are “sooo hot” and are even acknowledging how talented they are.

Others are saying that they aren’t even into K-Pop, but they’re addicted to EXO’s Growl.

EXO turns Beliebers and Directioners into fans 3

I honestly did not see this coming, but it’s completely wonderful.

I much prefer things turn out this way than everyone attacking each other.

It’s nice to know that given the chance, EXO can convert anyone and everyone into their fan. They have a powerful magnetism to them that can affect anyone, even guys (I’m sure you guys already heard how many guys find themselves oddly attracted to EXO’s D.O).

Check out what these newly turned EXOtics are saying about EXO. I wish all Beliebers and Directioners could give EXO a chance:

Source: OneHallyu


It’s true!!!! I’m sorry but I was a directioner but last may 2014 I became a EXOTIC!!! I don’t know how it happen but I think I LOVE EXO more thaaaaaaaannnn 1D.. I’m sorry but I’m just sating my opinion and experience… They are so addictive!!! I <3 BAEKHYUN than niall.. Pls no hate..