EXO to split back into sub-units after "Miracles in December" promotions end

According to Star News, EXO will split back into their respective sub-units after their “Miracles in December” promotions conclude.

The article says that this may only last until their next comeback, so there’s still a chance that their next comeback will feature all 12 members performing together.

EXO-K will continue promoting in Korea while EXO-M returns back to China to visit fans and gain more popularity.

Even though this split is only temporary, it’s still a bit depressing.

Picture credit: OMONA They Didn't
Picture credit: OMONA They Didn’t

But on the bright side of this sad news, what this means for EXOTICS (Why hasn’t EXO’s official fandom name been released yet?) is that there will be twice the promotions for EXO, which is always a great thing.

We’ll probably get to see more EXO-M on Chinese variety shows like Happy Camp, and we’ll get to see more commercials and guest appearances from EXO-K!

So even though they’ll be splitting up, we’ll have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

Source: EXO_Fanbase