EXO to open up a collaboration store called "Boy Who Cried Wolf"

EXO will be opening up a collaboration store soon located in Shinsa-dong. The store will be called “Boy Who Cried Wolf” or “BWCW” for short. The boys are joining forces with OUTLAB in Garousugil to make this project a reality, and everything is set in motion to be completed by August 10th.

BWCW will be supported by many fashion designers, including “Peace, Love, and Understand”, “Liful Minimal Garment”, “Nude Bones”, “Buried”, and much more. Each designer will work on incorporating EXO’s distinct branding on their items.

EXO will open up a collaboartion store named Boy Who Cried Wolf

There will be a variety of things sold in Boy Who Cried Wolf, ranging from clothing  to accessories to souvenirs. The store will also feature a very intricate theme that will resemble EXO’s current “school” concept. It’s been reported that there will be EXO images hidden all throughout the store, so fans, be on the lookout.

The store is ready to open in 2 days, so if you’re going, be expecting huge lines.

Source: EnewsWorld