EXO to hold a joint concert with f(x) during Christmas!

So this is bittersweet news. EXO is set to hold a joint concert with their fellow labelmates f(x) during Christmas.

Their concert dates are set for Christmas Eve 12/24 and Christmas 12/25.

So why do I say this is bittersweet news? Because, well at least for me, I feel like these artists deserve some time off for the holidays so they can spend Christmas with their families!

I mean I think it would’ve been better if they did a pre-recorded event and aired it during Christmas time, but forcing both EXO and f(x) to work during Christmas is kind of mean of SM Entertainment.

EXO to hold a joint concert with f(x) during Christmas


But let’s look on the bright side:

  • Both EXO and f(x) will put on a great concert, and they’ll both be dressed in different Christmas-attire!
  • We will get to see D.O perform “Goodbye Summer” with f(x) live for the first time!
  • The groups will most likely perform Christmas Jingles together.
  • Because it’s only f(x) and EXO performing, EXO will have a much larger setlist than they’re used to having!

I’m sure the concert will be amazing. If you’re interested in attending EXO/f(x)’s concerts, you can sign up for the global package here!

The package includes the concert ticket, transportation, souvenirs/merchandise, special invitation to SM’s Club Party event, and more.

I guess they wrote EXO first since this is a Kpop rookie site. f(x) is not a rookie group anymore, so the news of these amazing girls aren’t here. The site is specifically for rookies, and EXO is one, so that’s why they wrote ‘EXO to hold a concert with f(x),’ instead of ‘f(x) to hold a concert with EXO.’ I understand that f(x) should be first, since they are the sunbaes.