EXO to have another reality program called "xoxo EXO"

EXO will have another reality TV show thanks to MNET!

Their new show will be called “xoxo EXO” (Yay, the XOXO isn’t going away)!

While details are a bit scarce, we do know that the program will be revealing unreleased footage of EXO’s daily lives and their backstage interactions.

At the moment, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be following the same setup as EXO’s SHOWTIME, but we’re sure that it’s going to be entertaining anyways.

EXO to have another reality program called xoxo EXO

The show will premiere on April 18th, 3 days after EXO’s comeback showcase!

Fans will be able to catch “xoxo EXO” at 10:10PM every Friday.

For international fans, you can expect the English-subbed version of “xoxo EXO” to be released within a day… because that’s just how fast the international EXO fanbase works!

While we love the idea of “xoxo EXO”, I hope that SM C&C doesn’t give up on EXO’s Showtime’s season 2. We’d love to see the boys constantly eating again.