EXO takes 1st place on Show Champion! Their 3rd win in a row

EXO has just scored their 3rd win in a row, with tonight’s win coming from MBC’s Show Champion. They went up against their labelmates f(x) again, but it was fairly obvious who the winner was going to be from the get go.

They’re one win away from matching up to the amount of wins they gained with Wolf, but chances are these boys will be able to surpass their accomplishments with Wolf, and quite possibly by a landslide.

EXO grabs 1st place on Show Champion! Their 3rd win in a row

EXO has be roaring with popularity this entire summer, and their fan base has increased dramatically. Their sales for XOXO has surpassed 450k, and they’re claimed to be the top group of 2013 at the moment (at least according to Naver).

Hopefully EXO will be able to grab a few more trophies before their promotions for Growl ends. Fans and the members both know that they’re about to split back up into sub-units really soon, so since that’s about to happen, they might as well grab as much joy as they can now.

Congratulations to EXO for yet another win, and here’s to a lot more success in the near future.

EXO’s win on Show Champion