EXO reveals the 2nd version of their Growl music video!

EXO has just concluded their EXO LIVE! A Midsummer Night’s Growl! event, and to end things with the bang, they finally revealed the 2nd version of their Growl music video. The music video featured both the Growl choreography as well as close-up shots of the members singing.

It’s the version we saw in the Growl teaser, and of course it has fans all hyped up. Some are already saying that even though EXO’s One-shot music video was amazing in its own right, they prefer the 2nd version of Growl (it seems much more dynamic with all of the angle changes, close-ups, and even the awesome outfits).

EXO releases the 2nd version of the Growl Music Video! Kpop Rookies

EXO’s event was fantastic, and fans were very entertained by the member’s honesty as well as their jokes (Baekhyun’s airplane bit was hilarious). Though I, as well as some others, were a bit disappointed that only the Chinese version of Lucky and the Korean version of XOXO were sung live, it was still great to watch (although the whole microphone fiasco during EXO-M’s performance of Lucky was disappointing).

Without further ado, here is the second version of EXO’s Growl Music Video!

EXO – Growl 2nd Version – Korean

EXO – Growl 2nd Version – Chinese