EXO ranks 1st for idol group that gained the most fancafe members; VIXX comes in 2nd!

During the month of December, EXO was the #1 idol group that gained the most fan members for the month!

Not only that, but VIXX came in a strong at 2nd place!

EXO gained a total of 7,782 fan members, bringing their grand total to 115,351 fancafe members.

VIXX gained 6,235 fan members, bringing their total number of fancafe members to 67,521.

EXO ranks 1st for idol group that gains the most fancafe members VIXX comes in second

According to Daum fancafe’s charts, EXO’s current fancafe ranking is #11, while VIXX’s is #21.

EXO jumped up 1 slot since November, and VIXX has jumped up 3 slots.

It’s always exciting when rookie groups climb up on fancafe rankings.

In related news, B.A.P is ranking strong as well on their fancafe. While they only gained 424 new fancafe members in December, they jumped up 1 rank to #13.

Currently, EXO and B.A.P are outranking a bunch of other top idols in terms of fancafe members, including SHINee, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, f(x), Kara and more!

Congratulations to these rookie groups for their advancement in their careers! Hopefully 2014 will bring them a lot more success and fans as well!

Source: SMTOWNEngSub