EXO makes a surprise appearance at an all-girl middle school!

EXO-K made dreams come true when they made a surprise appearance at Sang Incheon’s all-girl Middle School!

Lotte brought EXO-K over to Sang Incheon as part of their “Lotte Crunky School Attack” special.

The middle-school girls had no idea what was waiting for them in their assembly room.

They thought they were just going to hear another boring speech from a teacher or something.

Their hearts nearly jumped out of their chests when they realized that their favorite idols were in attendance and within reaching distance!

The boys of EXO-K performed a lot of fan service at Lotte’s event.

They kicked things off with a small event. Each member tried their best to look sexy while eating Lotte’s Crunky chocolate.

Suho ripped off his candy wrapper with his teeth.

Kai tried to look suave while eating his chocolate… but gave up halfway through out of embarrassment, and Chanyeol just stuffed his face full of chocolate… which I’m sure he does in real life too.

The boys then gave out posters, answered questions from their fan girls, and gave the entire school a huge supply of Crunky Chocolate.

The girls of Sang Incheon Middle School are so lucky! Fan girls all over the world and all over the internet are boiling with jealousy.

Check out a snippet of the event in the video above, as well as pictures of the event below!