EXO-M got into a small car accident with sasaeng fans

So I’m going to suggest you take this fan account with a grain of salt.

A fan said that some sasaeng fans got into a black car and started following EXO-M’s van to the airport.

Because of the sasaeng fans’ wreckless driving and desperation to apparently drive near EXO-M’s van, they caused an accident.

As shown in the picture below, the car door of EXO-M’s van suffered a dent.

Sasaeng fans crash into EXO-M's Van 1

The fanaccount said,

“Fans chased EXO-M’s vans in a black car and cut in front of them, resulting in four of the artiste’s cars colliding. Thankfully, none of the members were injured.”

The driver of the van apparently said that the EXO-M members were frightened because of the incident, but I mean who wouldn’t be?

Sasaeng fans crash into EXO-M's Van

This reminds me of the incident that happened last year, where sasaeng fans got into taxis to stalk the EXO-M members and almost caused them to get in an accident. Heck, what if these are those same fans.

Crazy people these days.

But again, we can’t really say for sure if this fanaccount is 100% accurate. Plus, all we have to go by is one photo of a dented car… which we have to admit can just be a picture of any car.

Unlike Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding incident, this one doesn’t seem too believable. There were many accounts from Baekhyun’s relatives and family friends that confirmed everything that happened. Hell, even one of the sasaeng fans at the wedding wrote a post basically threatening Baekhyun.

This particular incident with EXO-M doesn’t seem to have as many witnesses or sources to fully confirm it’s legitimacy.

Source: Luhanqt & Xingmetosleep