EXO-L Chat Event with Chen!

EXO-L chat event with Chen

The EXO-L Chat Event just took place and Chen was the member chosen to participate!

It was a fun event, although it felt very short.

Chen was in good spirits despite feeling a bit under the weather.

Some notable things from Chen’s chat:

  1. He says he’s grown a bit taller.
  2. He wants to go for a walk when the first snow hits.
  3. He’s really craving Udon.

EXO-L chat event with Chen

Here is the translation of Chen’s chat event with EXO-L, thanks to Cookiesmon.

He’s completely adorable.

Chen: Uwawa
Chen: I think I am down with flu
Chen: Be careful not to catch a cold
Chen: I’m dying
Chen: My runny nose is not stopping
Chen: There’s no one.
Chen: is this my popularity
Chen: No one is in..
Chen: Hello ^^
Chen: image
Chen: Everyone is healthy right? haha
Chen: Because of the cold weather please dress warmly, do not catch a cold
Chen: 5 more minutes haha
Chen: Ready!!!
Chen: Dugondugon
Chen: KongdakKongdak
Chen: KongKwangKongKwang
Chen: image
Chen: SCREAM!!! keke
Chen: 1 minute!
Chen: image
Chen: Tao is cute hehehe
Chen: Son Goku keke

Chen: Wow
Chen: So many people
Chen: Has left their messages. hahaha
Chen: Has everyone slept well? hahaha
Chen: What did everyone eat for lunch?
Chen: Beef bibimbap… T_T
Chen: I had meat for lunch today  ><
Chen: Recommend something for dinner!!
Chen: What to eat?!?
Chen: Because it’s winter how about udon?
Chen: Everyone who is here today let’s have udon for dinner hahaha
Chen: dugondugon gongdakgongdak
Chen: Let’s have a udon [email protected]!!
Chen: [to a fan] I’m listening to gwanghwamun, really!!!

*replies to fans*

Chen: I have grown a little hahaha
Chen: Should I grow out my fringe?
Chen: Honey Butter chip… I’m curious…
Chen: I want to go to New Zealand! It seems like fun to hold a concert there.
Chen: What should I do next Halloween? hahaha
Chen: I like mint chocolate most hehe
Chen: EXO-L No matter where ^^
Chen: I love you~
Chen: Candy is too cute ^^
Chen: I wonder how does Honey Butter Chip taste like..
Chen: Oh ya
Chen: My dancing has improved right? hahaha
Chen: uwahahaha
Chen: image
Chen: hehehahahaha
Chen: Thank you ><
Chen: *sarang-ie biung~*
Chen: Dance battle? Call?
Chen: Cheese Cake!
Chen: Taiwan! Wait for me I will fly there quickly ^^

Chen: The students are taking exams soon! Hope everyone does well! Fighting^^
Chen: Work T_T Throw your troubles aside!
Chen: To be to talk to everyone in this chat is interesting and exciting.
Chen: Is everyone excited! Hahaha
Chen: Listen to music and have a stroll while the first snow comes
Chen: I can’t talk to every single person here nor call out every name… I love all of you~~

Chen: It’s the end of year, everyone is so busy T_T
Chen: PuTongPuTong hahaha
Chen: I reply so slowly, I’m sorry.. hehehehehehe
Chen: I want to answer more questions but I don’t have enough time!
Chen: I’m thankful and happy for everyone who came hahaha
Chen: I’m always grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement.
Chen: I will take care of my throat!!!

Chen: To everyone here
Chen: Please do not forget our udon date
Chen: To everyone who always give me support
Chen: I will not forget them
Chen: hehehehe please look forward to my udon proof shot. hehehe
Chen: Hope that everyone can find a better self
Chen: Like how fans always give me support, I will support everyone too ^^
Chen: Love you all ^^

Chen: It’s been so fun today, though I have spoken but I am not able to answer to the fans from overseas I’m so sorry T_T It’s such a fortune for me to talk to everyone, this is a moment I treasure.
Chen: Now I’m going to bid everyone goodbye~~
Chen: Love you~~
Chen: Please upload a proof shot of you having udon!!!!!!
Chen: I will upload too hehehe

Darn it, I missed it. >__<
"Fringe"????? Boy…… o-o

I love his "sticker" version though lol. XD He's so random. 😛 I hope he feels well soon~ ^u^

Darn it, I missed it. >__<
"Fringe"????? Boy…… o-o

I love his "sticker" version though lol. XD He's so random. 😛 I hope he feels well soon~ ^u^