EXO-K wins trophy #7 on M!Countdown with Overdose!

EXO has just grabbed their 7th win with Overdose!

Their 7th win was compliments of EXO-K, who took home the trophy from this week’s M! Countdown.

They went up against Junggigo this week, and they came out on top by almost 2000 points!

The final total was EXO-K with 8368 points and Junggigo with 6167 points.

EXO-K wins trophy number 7 from M Countdown with Overdose

The boys weren’t in attendance for their award due to them practicing very hard for their upcoming solo concert (only 1 day away!).

But M! Countdown did provide us with a special EXO-K video to help fill the void.

Congrats to EXO for the win! We hope that they have a wonderful first solo concert, and that they also find some time to rest.