EXO is expected to release a new album in November!

There were already rumors flying around that EXO might either have a comeback in October, or sometime later this year. Well now a report from Daum further confirms rumors that EXO will be coming back in November!

Now this doesn’t confirm anything just yet, not until SM Entertainment comes out with an official press release.

We were given hints that EXO was already working on a new single/album. Back in early September, a producer with SM Entertainment released an Instagram video saying that they’re working hard on producing a new single for EXO. And the next week, another producer who works with EXO tweeted, “It’s goin down once again at SM Entertainment studios!”.

EXO is expected to release a new album in November

EXO also mentioned in an interview with MTV Asia that they are already working hard on their next concept, which they promised would be much superior than that of both Wolf and Growl.

Fans have been hoping that EXO would delay their comeback until sometime next year. These boys have already worked so hard in these past 4 months, we all wanted them to have a little break.

Unfortunately, SM Entertainment wants to utilize these boys as much as they can.

The report from Daum states that EXO may be using several pre-made tracks on their upcoming album. You know, the tracks that were used in their teaser videos, but weren’t ever released (Run & Gun for example).

Daum also states that SM Entertainment hopes that EXO will surpass 1 million sales from their albums this year. They’ve already sold 737,000 copies of XOXO as of August (so that number should be a lot higher than that by now).

The boys are also expected to win a bunch of awards at the end-of-the-year ceremonies like Mnet Asian Music Awards and the Melon Music Awards. It’s a good thing EXO has 12 members, because they’re going to need all the hands they can get in order to carry all their trophies.

The boys have been said to have minimized their schedules in order to devote their time to producing their new album. Details are still a bit scarce, so we don’t know whether these boys will be performing their new title track as 12, or if they’re going to split back into their sub-units again. We also don’t know if they’ll be releasing a full-album or just a mini-album.

One problem I have with EXO releasing a new album so soon is overexposure. EXO has gotten a lot of publicity as of late, and while it’s amazing for EXO fans, it’s starting to wear down the general Korean population. It’s starting to become redundant seeing these boys over and over on the news, on variety shows, etc etc that the public is growing tired of them… which is not good.

It’s kind of like B.A.P, who had comebacks after comebacks that people just started getting bored of them (at least in Korea). Sometimes we need a little break in order for the hype to build back up.

I hope the same doesn’t happen with EXO. We’ll keep you updated when more info leaks out regarding this new album! Until then, prepare your wallets folks.

Source: Daum