EXO is already working on a new single!

The boys of EXO are already working on some new material following the wrap-up of their Growl promotions!

Composer/Producer (actually, I’m not too sure what his title is) Ventage Frost posted up a video on Instagram saying that he’s currently at SM Entertainment working on EXO’s new single!

There’s some music playing in the background, but it’s still too soon to say whether or not that’s what the new single will sound like.

Ventage Frost didn’t release any major details, but he did manage to get EXO fans hyped up. Now what exactly does this mean?

EXO is already working on their next single!


It doesn’t mean that EXO’s rumored comeback in mid/late October is true. Why?

The track isn’t even finished yet, meaning there probably aren’t any lyrics for it yet and there probably isn’t any choreography prepped for it (well, maybe there is. Has anyone been monitoring Sehun’s movements?). So we may be waiting a lot longer for their comeback than expected, which is great! These boys need their rest.

EXO-K is currently in the Philippines where they just finished their segment of the K-Pop Republic Concert. The boys had a great time there, throwing out plushies, eating Filipino food, and taking a gander at the beautiful views. The boys of EXO-M are currently in Malaysia gearing up for their own performance!

We can’t wait for EXO’s new single to come out, but let’s hope it won’t be for a little while. A lot of fans need a minute before they start breaking out those wallets again.