EXO has sold 910,000 copies of XOXO already!

EXO is extremely close to becoming million-seller idols! Their first full-album “XOXO” has already reached 910,000 sales (counting both the original version as well as the repackaged Growl version).

Previously, it has been reported that EXO has sold around 940,472 copies of their albums this year, including sales from their MAMA album. However, since MAMA is just a mini-album (or an EP), its sales don’t really count towards EXO’s sales goals for this year. If they were counted, then EXO has already reached 990,000 album sales this year.

But most news sources are only focusing on XOXO’s sales, so it is a bit confusing. Either way, EXO is doing wonderful on the charts, and they’re breaking records left and right.

EXO XOXO has already sold 910,000 copies

If they do manage to sell over a million copies of XOXO by the end of this year, which they most likely will, they will be the first artists since 2001 to do so!

The previous record holders for those sales figures are Kim Gun Mo’s 7th album and g.o.d’s 4th album, so it’s pretty amazing that EXO is able to reach these sales figures with only the sales from their very first full-album!

It looks like SM Entertainment really doesn’t need to push these boys to release an album now… but who knows, maybe SM will do so anyways.