EXO Happy Camp Image Gallery (74 images)

Here’s an image gallery for EXO’s latest episode at Happy Camp. It’s composed of many images from fans, the staff at Happy Camp, SM Entertainment and more. Just judging from the pictures alone, we know that this episode will be amazing. All members of EXO are present for this recording. They start off with a performance of “Wolf”, and they then jump into the interview portion of the show.

What’s most entertaining is the games portion. Just looking through the images provided, we can tell that the boys of EXO had a great time recording this episode. One portion, they all dress up in fat duck suits, and in another they’re all hugging huge poles (makes me curious as to what game that is). There’s also a portion where they play the trust game. It looks like Suho is about to fall over the ledge, but that’s okay because his fellow members are all ready to catch him.

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We’re not exactly sure when this episode of Happy Camp is set to air, but it should be within the next week or so. When an english subbed version of the recording is released, we’ll have it uploaded to the site.

Until then, enjoy the gallery of images below, brought to you by SM.ent EXO. Some of the images are blurry, but the other ones are good quality.