EXO asks fans to name their Wolf dance (Full Interview eng-subbed included)

The boys of EXO are in a celebratory mood, especially since their first full album, XOXO, is a bona fide success. In order to thank all of their fans for making their comeback a huge success, the boys released a promotional interview asking fans to name their Wolf choreography. The interview was released through SMTOWN’s official YouTube channel. SMTOWN released the interview without English subtitles, so us international fans are left without any understanding of what EXO was saying. However, thanks to SMentEXO2, you can now view the video and understand what’s going on.

EXO wants fans to name their Wolf dance

In the video, the members of EXO are excited to finally be promoting as an entire group instead of two separate units. The members go on to describe Wolf and their album, and how everything came together. The members mention how they were honored that Tony Testa choreographed Wolf for them. Tony Testa is a well-known choreographer who also helped DBSK with their “Catch Me” choreography, and SHINee with their “Dream Girl” and “Why So Serious” choreography. He is also known to have helped Britney Spears out from time to time.

The choreography portion that EXO wants their fans to name is the part where the boys form wolf ears and make their howl, so fans, get together and start brainstorming! Also, to the excitement of fans all around, EXO promises that unlike their MAMA promotions, this time around they’re finally going to be promoting via variety shows as well. Here’s hoping they take part in Sesame Player, Running Man, Dream Team, and many other variety shows.

With EXO-K and EXO-M joining forces this time around, we’re expecting them to explode in popularity in Korea (which is evident in their album sales). It looks like they may be leaving their Kpop Rookie status behind as they venture off into idol hood. I, for one, am extremely excited to see them on variety shows.