EXO & AoA will be exclusive models for SPAO

EXO exclusive models for clothing brand SPAO

EXO and AoA have both been signed to become SPAO’s exclusive models!

Lucky for SPAO. Their sales will skyrocket really soon.

I do find it a bit strange that AoA was appointed as exclusive models for SPAO… seeing as how the company used to only exclusively feature SM Entertainment artists.

But I guess it’s a lucky time for AoA as well!

EXO exclusive models for clothing brand SPAO

SPAO is a clothing brand that features a wide variety of apparel. They have casual, formal, sports, and sleep wear as well as a variety of accessories on sale.

They started out in South Korea, but have stores all over the world.

Most of their apparel are created by high-end designer Chang Kwang Hyo.

You can expect their store to pretty much feature a whole lot of EXO posters and standees all over the store.

Hopefully no EXO standee gets stolen.

We look forward to the advertisement that SPAO implements EXO and AoA in.