Demented EXO fan cuts "Luhan" into her arm

Another crazy EXO fan gave herself a self-inflicted wound to show her love for EXO. She carved “Luhan” into her arm in order to gain attention from EXO fans as well as @Luhan_Fanbase.

Are you freaking kidding me here?

What the hell is going on through these fans’ minds? That’s going to scar and that’s going to stick with you for the rest of your life you insane person.

This isn’t the first time an EXO fan harmed themselves due to their insane addiction to EXO. Earlier last month, another fan carved “I Love EXO” into her arm and uploaded it to her SNS account.

Demented EXO fan cuts Luhan into her arm

Before that, another fan cut her wrist to get people to stop bashing on EXO-M. These fans need serious help. Hell, I hope their parents see what their kids have done to themselves. They need to be sent to a mental institution for their own safety (and quite possibly the safety of others).

The only thing @EXOEvel had to say about the situation was,

“Aigoo!~ Srry, I can’t reply to you all, there are so many messages! Yes yes, I know I’m crazy! I’m crazy for Luhan! ♡”

I hope this picture doesn’t make it back to EXO, nor Luhan, because it is grotesque. I really am scared about what’ll happen in the future when EXO becomes even more popular.

Demented EXO fan cuts Luhan into her arm

Image Credit: Cup of EXO

Source: Kpopselca

it is really gross. how can someone do these kind of things? EXO will not appreciate these things. How about simply cheering for exo or wearing their shirt? Ridiculous.

I carved exo’s symbol on my wrist too.. but not as big as theirs. Before I became an exo fan, I was emo and carved my skin b’cause i got probs n after I became an exo fan, I stopped. Exo has helped me heal but something bad happened to me and I started carving myself again, it is a tiny symbol of Suho’s and Tao’s symbol and with the help of exo’s song I’m able to cool myself down and stop carving on my skin. Please dont look at me differently. I’m not a psycho sasaeng fan, if i was I wouldve stalked exo when I was in Korea.

PSYCHO. they need serious medical attention. Parents should control their children, seriously. and EXO isn’t even as popular as 1D, so when they are….. the shit will hit the fan.

i think i just had a mini heart attack
i mean yea i like luhan and all but this is just to much