Chen accidentally rips his shirt apart during Lost Planet concert

Chen Wardrobe malfunction 3

Yes! A miracle has been bestowed us EXO-L!

EXO-M’s Chen accidentally had a wardrobe malfunction during EXO’s Lost Planet in Jakarta concert today.

The results didn’t leave him entirely shirtless, but it did expose his beautiful body to us.

He tried to fix his shirt, but in the end couldn’t (Thank goodness).

Chen Wardrobe malfunction 3

Luckily various fans got some good angle shots of Chen half-shirtless.

We also got some video footage of Chen’s mishap.

Hopefully more fans from the concert will upload other photos soon. We know that it’s a bit difficult at the moment because of the WiFi at the stadium being blocked and because of other complications.

Until then, bask in the glory that is Chen.

You’ve made many of us very happy today.

Chen wardrobe malfunction 1Chen Wardrobe malfunction 2

Credit: Hello-Chen & various fans